The pet-friendly boom in the travel industry

A global trend is in the making involving pets and families. During the past decade or so, a shift in how families value their animals has made diverse industries adapt and create equivalents of human products and services, leading to the humanization of pets. Many of these options are on the high end of the market, with premium services like hotels, restaurants, and barber shops encouraging owners to bring their furry friends along for a pet-friendly experience.

This is also the case with the luxury travel industry. With owners treating their pets as their own children, they require pet-friendly solutions that are up to the task. In comes private aviation as the most complete service when flying pets, allowing them to travel alongside their human families in the cabin and carry along all their treats, toys, and favorite blankets.

In fact, for decades animals have been traveling through the skies from one state to another, even from country to country. Don’t believe us? Well, ask The Dutta Corporation, who has been in charge of the logistics for flying horses, for hobby or competition, since 1988. Sure, flying your pet is somewhat different – and at Welojets we are aware of that and understand just how important your furry family is to you.

Flying can be distressing for a pet, especially when traveling without its owner as would be the case on a commercial flight. On these flights, pets fly in the cargo compartment, and sometimes injuries might happen. And making your pet endure the ground movements at the airport before and after a flight as if it were just another piece of luggage, might be too much to bear for a loving owner.

In contrast, private aviation’s flexibility allows passengers to travel alongside their pets in the cabin. After checking in, you and your pet go straight to the airplane and, more importantly, your dog or cat can walk freely in the cabin with the appropriate flying conditions.

Furthermore, growing in popularity is the fact that pet owners are chartering a private jet for their pets to fly alone when needed, relying on the safety and comfort of the entire experience. In fact, in recent months, with the growing pains of commercial flight cancellations throughout the world, thousands of pets were left stranded at airports, as reported here, and private aviation was the only solution for many caring owners.

On the same line, the majority of relocation private jet trips fly with a pet or two in the cabin with their owners, thus avoiding flying them in commercial cargo compartments. This trend has become so popular that it hit the mainstream media with a dedicated article in The Wall Street Journal, showcasing the real value of this pet-friendly industry as well as the possibility to share the cost of a charter flight with other owners.

Recommendations for a pet-friendly private jet experience

As with humans, safety also should come first with traveling animals. For instance, the safest way for a dog to fly is with a body harness, and smaller dogs and cats should ideally be in a carrier that is attached to a seat belt during takeoff and landing.

The ultimate checklist for flying with your pet:

- Pet passport
- Valid vaccinations
- Microchip documentation
- Fit for travel animal health certificate
- Pet travel crates
- Share the correct weight and size of your pet. Some operators may have a strict weight limit policy and only accept smaller dogs between 15 to 17 lbs.

Also, we understand that there are all kinds of pets these days, from reptiles to birds and fish, and these special requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You can ask further questions about arrangements for flying your pet on a private jet by calling +1888-589-5838 or sending us an email at We’ll be waiting for you and your furry family with open arms!

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