✨Flight Stories: The Flying Tortoise🐢

In April 2024, Welojets had the unique experience of flying a young family and their beloved pet tortoise, Isabel, on a special journey from Barcelona to Santorini. The family had always been passionate about travel and adventure, and they wanted to include their cherished tortoise in their travels.

During the flight, the family shared their adventures with Isabel, many of which were hilariously memorable. Whether munching on greens in the garden or basking in the sun, Isabel always brought a smile. Even in her cozy enclosure during the flight, Isabel seemed content, perhaps dreaming of her next sunny spot.

Upon landing in Santorini, the family was greeted with a warm welcome, and Isabel became an instant celebrity among the airport staff and fellow travelers who were curious about her. The family spent their vacation exploring the stunning island, with Isabel often accompanying them on their excursions and enjoying the warm weather.

This unique journey highlighted the lengths to which Welojets will go to accommodate all passengers, even the shelled and four-legged ones. It was a memorable flight that the family and the Welojets crew will remember for years to come.

Meet you in the air! 🧡✨

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