Looking back to a defining 2022 for the Welojets team

It’s always good to reflect on a passing year and acknowledge the hits and misses. Fortunately for us, there were plenty of positive developments in key areas of the business – mainly safety, sustainability, and overall reach. The catalyst? Our brilliant team of globally scattered professionals, which genuinely put the needs of Welojets clients in first place, many times going above and beyond their job description in order to exceed expectations.

In terms of outcomes, the first highlight of the year was achieving the ARGUS Registered Charter Broker Rating thanks to our customer satisfaction levels and integrity of operations. This milestone separates Welojets from other players in the industry by displaying its commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction, while also providing our client base an independent verification of our expertise and highest standards.

Furthermore, we have already begun the process of improving our ARGUS Rating, taking the steps to become an ARGUS Certified Broker. If successful, it will indicate that Welojets has completed an on-site inspection of its operation and will continue to do so once every two years, to ensure its compliance with ARGUS standards, industry best practices, and applicable regulations. We expect to have a favorable outcome on this during early 2023.

Fast forward to late September, and we joined the Air Charter Association (ACA), a worldwide trade association for companies in the aircraft charter business. Becoming a member of ACA is a huge milestone for our clients and staff, as it demonstrates that we are committed to continuing to deliver a superior service to all our globally distributed stakeholders. Moving forward, we envision working alongside ACA to create a safer and more reliable business aviation charter market in Spain and Europe.

Last but not least, in October we made a huge splash in the industry by committing to purchasing 32 Electra eSTOL aircraft – a milestone order that was signed at the NBAA-BACE Show and brought Electra’s total order book to 1,000 aircraft. This important move showcases that Welojets fully embraces the electric aviation revolution while also establishing our plan to develop new markets in a more sustainable way, delivering cleaner and cost-effective flights to our customers.

We plan to fly the Electra eSTOL aircraft into existing airports as well as use it to expand our operations into new markets that cannot be served currently with traditional fixed-wing aircraft. Thanks to the Electra aircraft’s cost and performance advantages, we see many opportunities to grow our services throughout Europe and Latin America.

Looking ahead to 2023

We are very excited about 2023. After an important year with defining milestones, we project next year as the time to invest heavily in our workforce – granting them the needed tools to thrive in this demanding ecosystem, while maintaining a flexible and remote working environment that allows delivering a unique service in various time zones. Investing in our people is the best way to continue reaching higher and exceeding customer expectations.

We also expect that the private jet demand worldwide will continue strong, with some key events on the calendar, like the Super Bowl and Rugby World Cup, as well as other usual private jet magnet destinations in Europe and the Caribbean. We will stay committed to listening to our clients and serving them with transparency and professionalism – gaining customer trust is the ultimate goal and only achievable through consistent and exceptional service.

We truly thank our partners and customers for entrusting us to provide a wide array of travel solutions, whether flying for business, leisure, or both! We are looking forward to renewed opportunities to meet you in the air once again during 2023!

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