A career in BizAv? Welojets Team Manager Dominique Bousquet explains why you should consider it

Very different from the commercial aviation environment, the business aviation (BizAv) ecosystem requires a unique mix of agility and knowledge from those working to serve customers, while remaining flexible enough to deliver a wide array of requirements in each flight.

In other words, a unique type of professional is needed to provide a comprehensive service that will meet the expectations of its passengers. For Welojets, a defined set of values and standards have been the secret sauce for global success, starting with a multicultural team. For Welojets Team Manager, Dominique Bousquet, a multicultural approach is one of the main building blocks of the company.

“A multicultural team provides countless value from the client’s perspective. Our customers are from diverse corners of the world and being able to speak their language and understand their culture can go a long way in building trust. Our team members are based in more than 20 locations worldwide and we are fully invested in growing that number and continue separating in that regard from the competition.”

Furthermore, the Welojets team is integrated by more women than men. This, as Dominique states, “is not by design”. “We are always on the lookout for the best talent in the market without worrying about gender. Nevertheless, we are proud of the group of talented women that fuel our mission; their unique attention to detail and professionalism help the company achieve its commitment to excellence.”

Remote work environment

The pandemic altered many things in our life, yet it is hard to argue that something changed more than the working environment. At Welojets, remote work is a standard and it allows the team to deliver its mission of serving clients in various locations. This, says Dominique, “has encouraged us to find other ways of bonding.”

In an industry that lacks a 9 to 5 office routine, remote work also allows individuals to find the right balance between work and personal life. “Being able to adapt to different work situations, while also having the certainty that you can actually balance work and personal life, is what remote work brings to the table in the BizAv industry, always with the appropriate share of responsibility”, adds Dominique.

The previous leads to the main trait that every team member at Welojets must have, which is utmost commitment. This is a result of not only the remote work but due to the expectations of the customers and the overall nature of this industry, where going above and beyond is part of the daily routine. While chartering a jet is increasing in popularity, it still is a unique service, and the standards are the highest in the aviation realm.

“The BizAv industry is an agile yet balanced ecosystem that requires a team to work with reliability, care, and passion, which are precisely the Welojets values towards our customers. If you are seeking a dynamic environment for your next career, where tomorrow will definitely be different than today, and in a company that values trust, transparency, and empowered individuals, you should absolutely consider private aviation as a real option for your career flight plan”, concludes Dominique Bousquet. Contenido de la entrada aquí

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