Our Fleet

Our Fleet

More than 7300 certified aircraft around the world.

Turboprops, small jets, mid-size jets, heavy jets, airliners and helicopters.

Thanks to established relationships with top operators around the globe, Welojets can meet every type of request and find the best available aircraft options for each travel itinerary.

Pairing the right aircraft with a specific route plays a crucial role in the final price and overall private jet experience.


The most cost-efficient option to experience private aviation, without sacrificing comfort or flexibility.

30 minutes to 2 hours flights
Up to 11 passengers
Can reach remote locations
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These aircraft are the perfect option for short routes of a few hours.

1 to 3.5 hours flights
Up to 7 passengers
The most cost-efficient jet option
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This type of private aircraft is the most popular in many markets around the globe thanks to its unique combination of size, comfort, range, and cost.

2 to 6 hours flights
Up to 9 passengers
More spacious cabin
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For extra comfort, cabin space, and passenger capacity, heavy jets are the recommended option.

Up to 16 hours flights
Up to 19 passengers
Extra comfort and inflight amenities
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These high-end aircraft thrive in long-range international travel.

Long-range international travel
Up to 19 passengers
The most luxurious private jets
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For passengers looking for a superior private jet experience, the market offers large airliners which have been adapted for private aviation purposes.

Long-range international travel
Group charter / business spaces
Special seating configurations
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Helicopters are very versatile and useful since they can take off or land without a runway.

Up to 2 hour flights
Max 10 passengers
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We have the capability to move cargo on domestic and international routes while offering a wide array of aircraft to perform these operations.

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Working with specialized medevac operators, we offer aircraft with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly trained professionals to provide quality medical care throughout the flight.

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